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Pledge to Protect Black Genius

 Take The VOW 

Join the Work to Protect Black Genius
By taking the VOW you are committing to joining a collective of Black parents and their supporters dedicated to creating more culturally affirming learning environments for Black people by learning, refining, and using the Black Genius Elements.  Vow to protect Black Genius today.

Take the Pledge

 Learn The Black Genius Elements 

Interest Awareness

Creating opportunities to identify new interests and deepen skills in current interests

interest awareness.png
Racial Identity

Exploring feelings about being Black and deepening pride in that identity

Racial Identity.png
Multi-Cultural Navigation 
Exploring other cultures and refining the capacity to skillfully move across cultures 
Selective Trust

Developing the capacity to discern who is worthy of your trust

Selective Trust.png
Genius (Social Justice) 
Building capacity to dismantle systems of oppression or create systems of justice & equity

Social Justice.png
Building the belief and knowledge that effort grows ability & skill 
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