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What We Do 

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 Advocate. Organize. 

We know that Black parents care the most for Black students in schools. Unfortunately, Black parents are often excluded and pushed out of schools, and even worse they have to help their children cope with racial bias in schools. 


Therefore,  our organizing work with Black families includes both building families capacity to navigate and cope with racial bias and build community connections and advocacy skills. 

To this end we host Family Learning Villages for families and follow up organizing meetings called Family Reunion Teach-ins. 

Family Reunion

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 Create Tools 


To ensure we are providing effective programs all of our work is steeped in the racial socialization, racial identity development, critical race theory, and culturally responsive pedagogy research strands. 

Our tools help parents, students and teachers have more productive conversations about creating ideal learning environments for children of color. 


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Village of  Wisdom builds on the collective power of Black parents and amplifies their role as drivers, authors, and curators of research.  We use a community-driven and participatory approach that places power back into the hands of members of our community to use research and stories generated from research to drive change across learning environments that promote inequity. 

Black Genius Brand

 Black Genius Brand 

Village of Wisdom uses the Black Genius brand as a tool to raise awareness about our work. The proceeds from our online store go back to Village of Wisdom to help fund our work. The brand and the merchandise we sell is intended to inspire and create culture, narratives, and art that show Black families and our traditions in their true light. 


600 E. Umstead St.

Durham, NC 27701

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