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  Wisdom Team  

Wisdom Team
Amber Majors Ladipo.jpg

Dr. Amber Majors


Analytical Sage

Amber plans and manages our research projects. She trains and works side by side with our parents as they create criteria, tools, and knew knowledge about what it means to create culturally affirming learning environments for Black learners.


Aya Shabu

Guardian of Flow

Aya leads our work to celebrate our cultural strengths and beauty. Her work focuses on preparing Black parents to shape programming, art, and events to create Black Genius classrooms in non-traditional education spaces. She designs amazing activities to shift minds and senses when a change in approach is necessary. Oh, and she's a professional performing artist.


Dr. Dawn X Henderson

Research Guru

Dr. X leads Village of Wisdom's community-directed research putting Black parents at the center of creating knowledge. She's brilliant with words and graphic design. She's always pushing us to be deliberate in using liberatory words because words create worlds.

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Taylor Mary Webber Fields.png

 Taylor Webber-Fields

Village Conjuress

Taylor leads VOW's efforts to care for Black Parents. She dreams up activities and conversations to bring families together and deepen the collective knowledge of the Village. She manages conversation like few others can and always does it with joy and passion. 

Chief Dreamer_edited.jpg

William P. Jackson


Chief Dreamer

William works hard listening and creating spaces for others to dream. Will leads VOW's efforts to attract funding and partnerships to advance our mission.  He believes the path to liberation is the dreams that Black parents have for their children.

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Anthony Jones, PhD

Receipt Keeper

Anthony makes sure our books and monies are tight!. He makes sure folks get paid and he does that with style. Always the life of the party we're grateful he's good with numbers and people! :)


Nashay Jones

Process Drum Major

Nashay builds and leads the VOW's operation team. 


Lashika Hester

Process Master

Lashika makes the operations magic happen at VOW. She makes sure all our stuff, tech, data, and info has a place. She gets excited about making sure everybody on the team has all that they need to fully leverage their genius. Lashika is a proud North Carolinian, dog mom, and former educator. 

Professional Pic of Nadiah.jpg

Nadiah Porter

Parent Amplifier

Nadiah builds community with VOW parents new & old. She keeps the conversation going with parents on line, in the comments section and in person. Nadiah a parent of two is passionate about parent advocacy and connection.  She's got her eyes and ears wide open looking for the next group of parents who want to become apart of the village!


Beth Leigh

Village Miner

Beth leads the VOW's fundraising  and stewardship efforts. She enthusiastically develops and strengthens partnerships with VOW’s Team Members, Board members, and Donors. Personally, Beth is passionate about healing and advocacy; engaging via the arts. When she isn’t painting, she is gardening with her dog.  She looks forward to pollinating, pruning and blooming with VOW!


Arssante Malone

De Alkhemist

Arssante will be leading our efforts to support schools in creating more culturally affirming learning environments for Black learners!

Arssante will be leading our efforts to support schools in creating more culturally affirming learning environments for Black learners!

Arssante will be leading our efforts to support schools in creating more culturally affirming learning environments for Black learners!


Roxann Dixon

Village Gardener

Roxann helps educators and parents navigate the academic journey from a child's perspective.  As a advocate, she provides support and guidance for every child to reach their goals.

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Leslie Gartrell

Culture Cultivator

Leslie builds and cultivates the work environment at VOW, ensuring that the culture, structures, and policies align with our values. As a leader of internal culture, she is energized by the possibilities that come with curating a liberatory space for the work to take place.

Board of Directors

 Board of Directors 


Brittany Bennett


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Randi Towns


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Rashida James


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Gerald Harris

Gerald Harris


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Leah Adeniji 


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Cornell Watson


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Malika Graham-Bailey


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600 E. Umstead St.

Durham, NC 27701


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