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Tools to Protect Black Genius

 Parent/Caregiver Tools 

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Black Genius Infographic

This helpful graphic simply introduces the Black Genius elements via simple questions that help the reader in quickly grasping the main idea of each element. Print this card out and post it in a prominent area to serve as a quick reference sheet.

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CLC - BE Guide

This helpful graphic visualizes and explains how to do a mindfulness and breathing practice Dr. Howard Stevenson introduced to manage and cope with racially harmful and distressing events.

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Black Genius Profile Creator

This process creates a profile that documents a student's academic, emotional, and cultural strengths. The questions that make the process happen are intended for parents to ask their children.

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Black Genius Parent Workbook

This workbook helps parents familiarize themselves with the elements of the BG profile via reflection questions and examples.  If you want to think more about how to apply the Black Genius elements to your life this is the perfect place to start.

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Black Parent

Conversation Guide 

This guide is perfect for parents and caregivers looking to start having conversations about race with their Black children. We developed and vetted this guide with a group of experts on Black racial socialization -- the process of talking about race between parents and children. 

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Black Genius Breathe

Video Workbook

This workbook helps families grab every ounce of joy and restoration out of our Black Genius Breath video. If you loved the video and want to dig even deeper to of how to reflect on your beauty and majesty as a Black person this is the workbook for you. 

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