10 Messages to fill children with Black Pride: Lessons from Family Learning Villages

10 Messages to fill children with Black Pride: Lessons from Family Learning Villages

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I started the month of April off with a treat, as I had the opportunity to support VOW’s Family Learning Village (FLV) session on April 1st. During FLVs, parents come and meet with other parent co-conspirators to devise ways to protect their children’s Black Genius. The session started with an activity, called “Where I’m from,” borrowed from the amazing women at SpiritHouse. Families shared memories of their favorite smells, family traditions, and places where they felt most safe.

The conversation of the workshop evolved to a discussion on the negative messages that Black children are frequently exposed to in the media and many times even at school. Our parents (and protectors of Black Genius) then highlighted the amazing messages they share with their children to fill them with pride and positive feelings related to their Black identity. And I heard this powerful takeaway – if we fill our children with positive messages about Blackness, then our children won’t have the space to carry the negative messages and will have the ability to combat them. Protecting Black Genius indeed.

Here are our favorite ten positive messages about Black people that parents promised to share with their children.

1) Black people are trendsetters just look at the dope things we do with our hair & clothes.

Cranes in the Sky’ is a pretty swaggy video. Parents take a look first before sharing with your little ones. 


2) Black people are Intuitive/Innovative

Dr. Hadiyah Nicole-Green is using lasers to zap cancer. Read more about that here. 


3) Black people often become leaders in our youth many times demonstrating wisdom far beyond our age

John Lewis was the youngest speaker at the March on Washington, at the age of 23. Find out more about his amazing career. 


4) There is an unbreakable joy that lies within Black people

Read more about the Black Joy Project. 


5) Black people are graceful even in the face of oppression

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama speaks at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. July 25, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Watch the 1st Lady’s Iconic “When they go low we go high” speech


6) Black people stick together and we love our community

It’s always a good time to watch the timeless “Summertime” video.


7) Black folk are resilient and we just don’t quit.

Read about how Bree Newsome snatched a symbol of hate from the South Carolina sky.


8) Black folk find amazing ways to make something out of nothing


Watch Jeghetto one of Durham’s finest make the dopest puppets you’ve ever seen.


9) Black people are bold/brave

Jonathan Bachman/Reuters

Learn more about Ieshia Evans and the source of her fearlessness. 


10) Black people are beautiful. We are beautiful.

Photography by Pamela Thompson for The Beautiful Project

The Beautiful Project creates spaces for Black women and girls to confront the mass misrepresentation of their likeness in the media. Read about their powerful “Sisterhood Storytelling” series here.