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We work with Black families to protect Black Genius. 

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  Who We Are  

Who We Are

We support family organizing and advocacy entities working to eliminate racial injustice in schools. To this end we develop tools and resources that help parents, teachers, and students create ideal learning environments for Black and Brown learners.


Close the academic opportunity gap by protecting the intellectual curiosity and positive racial self-concept of Black children through the love and wisdom of their families and communities

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  What We Do  

Organizing & Advocacy

We convene families through intense workshops exploring racial bias in education as well as strategies and resources to deal

with racial bias.  Our work

helps families build

political power and



Consulting & Evaluation

We offer school and non-profits innovative, quantifiable measures of racial equity in their work with children and families. Our consulting also enhances

organizations' culturally



Research & Create Tools

We build tools that allow

families to easily inform

and access quantifiable

measures of inequity in

their schools. Our research

is informed by our work with families creating tools and frameworks that are truly responsive to the community.

Black Genius Brand

We have created

the racially affirming

brand that Black families

 deserve. Through Black 

Genius we amplify public

awareness of our work and support

our community with positive images and stories about Black people

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